Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don' Buy HHO Generator Plans - Free at HHO2U

HHO Generator Plans, Ravi
HHO Dry Cell Design Started With This Plan

"Im not here to argue whether things work as per the preset laws of physics or thermodynamics but you need to keep an open mind to evolve and see if something actually works. I'm an engineer and been taught that things don't work if you break the laws.
Well I know my laws thank you."...

Free Ravi HHO Generator Plans

Original HHO Dry Cell Plans

The HHO Generator (electrolyser) shown in Figure 1 is based on the common-duct series-cell electrolyser concept originally developed and patented by William Rodes, Ernest Spring, Yull Brown and later refined by Bob Boyce, George Wiseman ect...

Free Tero HHO Dry Cell Plans

We found the "Gold mine" of FREE HHO Generator Plans at As Time permits more links will be added for free hho related stuff.
Mean while if you get anxious go to Free HHO Generator Plans.

Friday, February 19, 2010

HHO Generators / Hydrogen on Demand

Installing HHO Dry Cell Kits / Systems in California
Hydrogen on Demand legal in California ?

Thought you HHO generator enthusiast might like to see this note from one of the "bigger boys" out here in So. Cal who distributes hho dry cell kits, and is working along with a bunch of us to get the "blessing" from governmental agencies to help improve our way of living.
Here is a note I got from this HHO Dry Cell Guy :
Thanks for getting back to me Larry. Our company has been working on a few projects here in Southern California. We know that there are at least 4 other HHO Generator companies going through the "process" with CEE (California Environmental Engineering) and one gentleman we have worked with has obtained an Executive Order allowing him to sell his HHO generator on the commercial level.

Our Company is currently looking to set up manufacturing of these hho generators here in Southern California. Working with a team out of Florida. Still getting our feet wet in the industry and are excited of what we can do with this in our "friendly" markets. It is interesting to me that no one has set up an installation company yet. I see that there are a few companies that say that this is the next focus. Seems like this training is the key to proving the HHO generators worth.

We are currently a distribution company and I was just putting out some feelers to see what the common knowledge of this "process" was... Takes about 90 days and costs under 100k. Our clients have the ability to make a big dent in the integrity of CARB and there "process". Our goal of course is just to make it easier to distribute without such a huge fight through the red tape of these "bureaucratic naysayers". Did you make it to the HHO games this past weekend? Any way, have an excellent Thanksgiving and we will chat at you soon.

More Articles and HHO generator Information at HHO Dry Cell Kit

Monday, February 8, 2010

We Found The Best HHO Dry Cell System

Hey everyone who was thinking of installing one of HHO2U's complete hho drycell kits !!
They Lowered the price on their HHO Dry Cell Kits to $195.00.
I think they also have a few HHO Parts at an Alternative Energy store - - HHO Dry Cells
But it is a treat to go by their website where you can pick up FREE HHO Dry cell plans or any other hho generator plan you might be looking for, all for Free.

That is even lower than ", who is currently at $199.00 - second best deal on complete HHO Dry Cell Kits.

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You can also find the Best Deals on Superior Dry Cells and Diy Kits to Build your own HHO Dry or Wet Cells at

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hydrogen on Demand for Average Vehicle

Here is a comment I thought might help all you who are working toward Hydrogen on Demand for average vehicle installation.

hydrogen on demand:

I'm 88yrs woorked on engines all my life Too old now but sure hope i see the day when some one comes up with hydrogen to take the place of gasoline.I enjoy reading about what you are doing keep up the good work. I think you'll break through sometime and we could all be using hydrogen.It's the ideal fuel.

Les Cramer Youngstown Ohio

Thank You Les : We are Getting Closer, here is the most efficient hho dry cell around - The Best Designed HHO Dry cell & hho gas

Down Load Free HHO Dry Cell Plans

Making HHO gas for Free

HHO is NOT pseudoscience. The other name for is is "Browns gas".

To anyone talking about " Thermodynamics " and how " It could never work ". You are completely wrong.
Yes, it is impossible to get more energy out of the system than you put in. We realize this. This is not what is going on. All the electricity coming from your cars alternator, is in fact "free energy" If you don't over load it by trying to draw to many amps.

Much of it is un - utilized. Now since you are taking free energy from your alternator, to produce hydrogen from water, and pump that hydrogen back into your air intake..... you are getting free energy, from free energy. Even if it is only 50% efficient, it does not matter... because there was no extra power needed from the normal processes that operate the car, to obtain the hydrogen. No matter how you put it, the net efficiency of your car increases.

If you want to see the most efficient hho generator around - check out and there HHO dry cell.

Best hho dry cell design

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Free HHO Dry Cell Plans and Other Free HHO Stuff

Free HHO Dry Cell Plans

This post is all about the FREE HHO stuff on our "Free HHO Stuff" page.
I don't know if all you hho experimenters knew it or not, but
has been giving away hho generator plans and hho electrical gadget plans for over a year now. Just stop by and download your choice.

Yes that includes Free HHO Dry Cell Plans

Free HHO Stuff


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What has become of the True HHO Dry Cell Kits

Do these guys really know anything about HHO, HHO Dry Cells and Hydrogen on Demand systems, or are they just faking it ?

It is really a shame when greed and envy drive a person to lye and steal. You can find this all over the Internet.
You don't have to be the best at something or even know anything about a subject as long as you can weasel your way to the top of the search pages you can fake it.

This goes for anything including Hydrogen on Demand and related HHO parts, such as the very popular HHO Dry cell.

It seems there are other hho dry cell sites out there that would like you to believe that they are the most honest and forthright hydrogen on demand experts on the Internet.
Well up until I saw this FAKE post using my hho website name, I would have let this guy stew in his own lies.

But now I find the need to let you people that are searching for HHO Dry Cells and HHO information, know a little about this Fake "hho dry cell Guy".

Here is Post That this "hho dry cell salesman" put on his site that is obviously written by him and is not a real comment from anyone. I know this because I would have been the one talking to this person and the conversation did not take place.

"Thought you would like to know that I spoke with another hho site owner at
and he is really running you down man. It was very clear to me that he was trying to cover
his butt for telling buyers he was the producer of the cell he sells on his site.
I thought you would like an article I found where this guy is now ...
The link is

It really is a shame that this hho dry cell salesman finds the need to try to build credibility as an hho expert by writing comments to his self. But when he uses my name in the process the gloves come off.

More in my next post .....